• Carrie Klaege

Adult Day Services for Seniors Living with Dementia

Adult day services can provide full-time caregivers with a much needed break, so they can provide better care to their loved ones.

What are Adult Day Programs?

Adult Day services provide adults with an opportunity to socialize and engage in recreational activities while at the same time giving the caregiver a much needed break to relax, run errands, take care of appointments, and complete other tasks.

Who are Adult Day Programs Good For?

Typically there are three different kinds of adult day services:

1. Social Adult Day Services. This is for adults who are relatively independent but could use some supervised activities to enrich their quality of life. Activities could include arts and crafts, exercise programs, games, and musical activities. Seniors can participate in the majority of activities on their own, while staff provides assistance. Staff can also give medication reminders, but not administer it.

2. Alzheimer's and Dementia Day Services. This specialized care is tailored to meet the unique physical, emotional, and mental needs of seniors living with Alzheimer's or dementia. Staff are trained in dementia care to work with individuals with memory and cognitive loss. This specialized care allows seniors with Alzheimer's and dementia to socialize and participate in activities such as music, fitness, arts and crafts, and puzzles. They can also provide support for families.

3. Adult Day Health Care (ADHC). ADHC is for seniors who have more serious medical conditions and require skilled nursing care or therapy services. Staff are licensed and can administer medication and provide occupational, speech, and physical therapy in addition to other recreational activities for the seniors to enjoy.

Ways to Pay for Adult Day Services

The price of adult day services can vary, depending on the location and type and can range from $40 to $120 per day. If the senior qualifies for Medicaid, then Medicaid may pay for the service, especially if the senior would require full-time nursing care otherwise. If the senior is a veteran, then VA benefits will often pay for some forms of adult day services. Individuals may also choose to pay with long-term care insurance or cashing in on life insurance policies. It can also be paid for out-of-pocket.

Caregivers should always remember that it's okay to need some respite, take time for yourself! A caregiver will always provide better are to their loved ones if they feel revived themselves.

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