• Carrie Klaege

Boost Your Brain and Memory, Continued...

11. No Negative Nellies! You can help your brain and reduce stress by thinking compassionately about yourself; by reversing negative thinking (we all do it!), you'll form new pathways in your brain and weaken the old ones.

“You live the words you tell yourself in your mind.” — Dr. Magdalena Battles

12. Work Your Body, Then Work Your Brain. People perform better on tests of memory when they take them after periods of physical exertion.

13. Take It Up a Notch! You can also up the difficulty of regular activity to make it more challenging -- such as increasing the level of difficulty you choose for Sudoku or crossword puzzles. Try http://www.dailysudoku.com/sudoku/ or https://games.aarp.org/games/daily-crossword

14. Peaches over Pills. Get your vitamins from food rather than pills or supplements; they are more effective that way!

15. Remember to Meditate. Preliminary research indicates that mindfulness meditation may enhance working memory. Just 20 minutes a day can reduce stress and increase mood.

Come back tomorrow for our last 5 brain booster tips!

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