• Carrie Klaege

Caregiver Burnout is REAL

Dear Friends,

The image says it all. Imagine connecting everyone you know, those crumbling under the pressure and worry of continual caregiving, and lifting the burden instantly from their shoulders, by introducing them to me!

As the Connected Care Professional for our community, I can deliver 24/7 monitoring solutions that not only deliver more reliable methods of expediting immediate response to emergencies, but even helps loved ones manage their treatment plans, chronic conditions, and keeps caregivers connected, and informed. Electronic Caregiver helps spots early indications of health decline and infectious disease from Covid-19 to influenza. Early identification empowering early intervention, combines to help deliver steps toward prevention.

Help me connect with caregivers and loved ones at-risk, and with chronic conditions. Empowered with Electronic Caregiver and your support, I can help our aging and population with chronic conditions experience better health, vitality, security, longevity and independence. It’s all about removing risk and improving support and oversight. Connected Care coupled with better coordination, improves quality of life and makes caregiving so much easier for those who have taken on this noble, selfless task.

Remember, my business and ability to serve succeeds with your support, recommendations and referrals. Let's save a life today. It’s easy. All we have to do is “talk about it!”

Look forward to helping care for your friends, family, neighbors and loved ones.

Yours truly,

Carrie Klaege



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