• Carrie Klaege

Caregiving Pressures Increasing, Especially with Covid-19!

Dear Friends and Advocates for a Better Community,

Did you know more than 50 million people in our communities and workplaces are also caregiving for a friend or loved one? The pressure is enormous. Caregivers suffer from stress-related illnesses, lost job opportunities and income, insomnia, and fear. With over 48 million older adults and 133 million Americans living with chronic conditions, caregiving is a growing and stressful responsibility in our communities.

Because of the pandemic, the black community is reporting more caregiving pressure and concern than ever. The pandemic is impacting financial stability. Covid-19 is also severely affecting the Hispanic population. With so many aging and chronically ill individuals, caregiving pressure takes a toll on an already physically and emotionally battered nation.

The good news is we have solutions to provide connected care for caregiving support that never existed before. We can reduce stress, improve care and coordination, help caregivers sleep better at night, and protect their loved ones when they are not with them. Caregivers need to work, sleep, bathe, take a phone call, run an errand, water the garden and get the mail. It's the brief moments during their absence when tragedy strikes, leaving caregivers feeling guilt, shame and despair.

Electronic Caregiver not only protects aging clients and loved ones with chronic conditions. Electronic Caregiver is protection for caregivers too! We improve adherence, report 24/7 on signs of health decline, expedite immediate response during emergencies, connect clients and patients with physician-on-demand to fill the gaps in care and consultation. We do a better job of informing and supporting caregivers.

Please post this attached story and my message, with contact information, on social media, through email, and share with your friends and family in conversation. I need your assistance in spreading the word. Thank you for being a care advocate of mine. Let's save a life today!


Yours truly,

Carrie Klaege



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