• Carrie Klaege

Falls, the Silent Epidemic!

Thirty percent of people over 65 and fifty percent of those over 80 fall each year. Older adults who fall once are two to three times as likely to fall again within a year. Once fallen, the elderly can spend 14 hours on average on the floor if they do not have an emergency response plan. Typically only being found by a concerned neighbor, gardener, family member, or friend. By that point, it may already be too late.

With Electronic Caregiver, daily wellness checks can be a key indicator if an individual has fallen or injured themselves by simply being unable to acknowledge a reminder alerting the care team that an issue may have arisen. This, paired along with our emergency response and auto fall technology, can be the difference between a tough day with recovery and the possibility of never being able to come home.

Let's talk about the importance of an emergency response plan. It makes a difference. It only takes one fall to change everything, so let's make sure our community is ready. Call for more information today! 520-261-8716

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