• Carrie Klaege

How Can You Make a Difference on Elder Abuse Awareness Day?

On June 15th, the world marks World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, an annual event that brings the entire world together in opposition to the abuse inflicted on seniors. But what exactly is elder abuse and how can you raise awareness and make a difference? Continue reading to learn how you can do your part to address this important issue and empower change.

What Is Elder Abuse?

Caretakers or trusted individuals who intentionally or negligently harm an older person are committing elder abuse. Some types of elder abuse include:

● Neglect and isolation

● Physical or sexual abuse

● Financial exploitation

● Emotional or psychological abuse (such as threats or verbal abuse)

How Can We Prevent Elder Abuse?

There are numerous ways to contribute to building a stronger society that safeguards our communities and prevents elder abuse.

Increase Public Awareness

Talk about the issue with others to raise the identification and reporting of this type of abuse. We should create a safe environment for people who have experienced elder abuse to speak out and share their stories. Raising awareness of solutions among students and young people is an important first step in long-term prevention. Here are some great resources you can use to spread the word about Elder Abuse prevention in your local community and social circles.

Enhance Services and Resources for Elders

More isolation prevention services should be offered to those at risk of elder abuse. For more effective interventions, elder rescue shelters and other support services like in-home care are necessary. These services could be targeted at at-risk older people to mitigate abuse risks or remove them from dangerous situations. Older people who experience abuse should receive adequate services to protect their well-being and assets, and to prevent further harm.

As the public, we can:

● Watch for signs of elder abuse in our communities

● Learn strategies to find help and report elder abuse

Elders can:

● Find ways to stay connected to family and friends

● Learn about their rights

● Seek professional services for support when needed

● Take measures to have their financial and legal affairs in order

Family and caregivers can find resources and support:

● Talk to family or friends when you need support

● Take breaks when mentally or physically stressed

● Get support from local health and social services where available

● Managers should create professional awareness campaigns to help their workers recognize elder abuse

● Caregiver support to reduce stress and training on proper dementia care

● Develop or better define residential care policies to improve standards of care

It takes all of us to work together to help ensure that our seniors’ live life to the fullest.

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