• Carrie Klaege

How Will Unemployment Changes Affect In-Home Caregiver Availability?

On May 13, 2021, Governor Doug Ducey and DES announced Back To Work programs to help individuals transition from unemployment to a new job, and ensure those currently receiving unemployment have support available to help them in this critical step forward.

Some believe this could provide relief for the lack of in-home senior caregivers many have been reporting.

Many business owners believe that increased unemployment benefits have deterred in-home senior caregivers from seeking work opportunities. This has led to a noticeable caregiver shortage and a sharp rise in the cost of care. With the elimination and further regulation of these unemployment benefits, many seniors seeking in-home care are hoping this will result in increased availability of in-home caregivers.

So what is changing?

* Arizona will stop taking the federal government’s supplemental pandemic unemployment benefit effective Saturday, July 10. This could provide incentive to those not working to seek work opportunities as in-home caregivers.

* Arizona will set aside $300 million of federal resources to offer a one-time bonus of $2,000 to certain eligible individuals who return to the workforce and get a full-time job, while those who return part-time will receive $1,000.

* Arizonans who are receiving unemployment benefits may continue to receive their unemployment benefits but will have to prove they are looking for work. During the pandemic, the DES search requirement was lifted. This meant that individuals could recive benefits without showing proof that they were seeking gainful employment. This requirement has been reinstated.

In-home caregivers collecting unemployment will need to show that they are logging work search efforts, will need to keep a log showing - employer contact information, name/title of person contacted, documentation of used of online career tool, networking event name/date/location, and so forth.

* The State will provide three months of child care assistance for individuals with children who return to work after collecting unemployment benefits. To be eligible, an individual must have already filed for unemployment benefits, and earn $25 per hour, equivalent to a yearly salary of $52,000, or less at their new job.

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