• Carrie Klaege

Reduce Your Risk for At Home Injuries Today!

Household accidents have been steadily on the rise leading to more hospitalizations and financial burden for those we care for. I was hoping you could help me get this piece shared with anyone you know who may be living alone, suffering from chronic illnesses, or recently recovered from any health-related issues. It just takes one wrong step or one doubled medication dosage to put someone back in the hospital and delay recovery. Electronic Caregiver offers expedited response and even simple medication reminders to keep people on the road to normalcy or make their home one less place they have to worry about an accident.

Below are some quick facts in light of this graphic that you can use on your social media posts.


  • About 12,000 young people die each year from unintentional injuries, with falls being the most common cause of nonfatal injuries of children. (It's not just seniors!)

  • Accidental injury is the third-leading cause of death in the United States, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, though many of those incidents take place outside the home. (A unit you can take with you, even outside, can make all of the difference)

  • Deaths from falls have increased by 217% since 1999, while deaths from poisonings, which includes accidental drug overdoses, have climbed by a staggering 446% in that same time. (Med reminders are a surefire way to avoid accidental drug overdoses.)

Talk about it! A share today could mean a life saved tomorrow.

Contact me today to see how Electronic Caregiver can help reduce your risk of injuries at home! You can email me at carrie@southernarizonahomecare.com or call me at 520-261-8716!

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