• Carrie Klaege

The death rate due to accidents at home is on the rise! Please share and circulate!

Dear Friends,

Household injuries come in many forms, and you might be surprised at the risks to people of all ages. I provide home safety inspections for free along with our Electronic Caregiver connected care consultations. My goal is to help make homes and loved ones safer, remove risks, and monitor those at greater risk, especially those susceptible to injury consequences due to living with chronic conditions.

I appreciate all my friends who read my brief information, circulate it to build community awareness, and help introduce me to those who can benefit from my services. Each day across America, our teams make a difference, expediting response to those in need, saving lives, improving health outcomes, and supporting caregivers.

As always, thank you for being my community scout and my eyes and ears to see who needs our care.

Check out this story! It could happen to any of us!


Yours truly,

Carrie Klaege



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