• Carrie Klaege

Tips for Healthy Aging

Aging is a natural process. Seniors who take care of themselves as they age often enjoy higher levels of energy and a higher quality of life.

Top Lifestyle Tips for Healthy Aging

Accepting the aging process can help seniors stay healthy. Seniors will need to adapt their lifestyle to changing energy levels, limitations, and challenges.

Here are tips to help seniors ease the aging process:

* Include activities you love in your everyday routine

* Get involved in meaningful, regular activities with friends

* Schedule doctor appointments at regular intervals

* Find a way to get moving every day to keep your body healthy

* Add more fiver to your diet

Positivity is Key!

Studies show that staying positive makes a difference as seniors age. (psychologytoday.com) Seniors may become less frail and may even be less likely to suffer from dementia if they maintain a positive outlook.

You can stay positive by:

* Focus on the things that matter, not those thing out of your control

* Participate in things that are fun with groups of friends or family

Mental, Emotional, and Physical Tips for Healthy Aging

There's more to aging than just stiff joints or being at higher risk of certain diseases. Aging affects not only the body, but also mental and emotional health.

Mental Health Tips:

* Stimulate the mind with crosswords, puzzles, Sudoku, and other brain challenges

* Learn something new on a regular basis

* Talk to the doctor if trouble with memory occurs

Emotional Health Tips:

* Make sure you are getting enough sleep

* Use meditation to help de-stress

* Take part in faith building or fellowship activities

Physical Health Tips:

* Find senior fitness classes

* Do daily stretching exercises

* Take regular walks and spend time outdoors

* Monitor nutritional intake, increase your intake of fresh, healthy food

It's important to look out for increased risk of health problems as you age. These important test should be done regularly:

* Blood pressure checks

*, Blood test for lipid levels

* Colonoscopy

* Vaccinations

* Eye exam

* Periodontal exam

* Hearing exam

* Bone density test

* Vitamin D test

* Thyroid-Stimulating hormone level screening

* Skin exam

* Diabetes test

* Mammogram (women)

* Pap smear (women)

* Prostate cancer screening (men)

Although we often associate aging with poor health, the two are not the same. Keep your focus on all of the abilities you still have. Keeping yourself healthy as you age is an opportunity to extend your life.

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