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What Makes T'ai Chi So Awesome For Seniors?

T’ai Chi is a wonderful exercise for seniors, as it’s appropriate for any age or fitness ability. You can also do it indoors or take it outside…

How to get started with this super senior-friendly exercise

There are many sources to get you started with t’ai chi. That includes classes in your area (community centers and parks), as well as DVDs from the library and many free online videos.

To give you an idea of what t’ai chi looks like, here’s a video of seniors doing t’ai chi and several different community centers:

How about seated t’ai chi?

Just as some seniors may choose chair-based exercise due to limited movement, seated t’ai chi is also an excellent alternative to the traditional practice.

Here’s a video you may want to try.

What are the health benefits of t’ai chi?

People around the world practice t’ai chi. In fact, many medical practitioners encourage their senior patients to try t’ai chi for its science-backed benefits. For example, t’ai chi may help with:

Fall prevention: With regular t’ai chi practice, you may experience better balance and stability.

Chronic pain relief: There is some evidence that practicing t’ai chi may help people with pain related to arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Insomnia help: Have you noticed you sleep better when you exercise? There is some evidence that doing t’ai chi may improve sleep quality and lead to a decreased need for sleep medication.

Ready for some “movement meditation”?

T’ai chi movements look simple. But there is actually a lot going on: awareness of breath, visualization of energy and purposeful movement. Start off slowly, and use a chair if necessary.

Take your time learning, notice how you feel and most importantly, enjoy yourself!

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