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Woman left lying on the floor for several days after a fall. Please read and help me

Dear Friends and Community,

The statistics are staggering. Every 11 seconds, doctors treat an older adult in the emergency room for a fall, and every 19 minutes, an older adult dies from a fall. Seniors who live alone and do not have a reliable emergency alert system can end up in pain on the floor for hours and, in some cases, days! The story I am sharing with you proves why it is crucial to help our elderly loved ones stay connected with Electronic Caregiver’s technology. There isn’t always a phone nearby to call for help, and victims often can’t crawl to it, or reach it. Falls are caused by medications, hip, knee, ankle, back or foot problems, vision and hearing decline, Parkinson’s, prior stroke, surface contamination, transitional surfaces, open drawers or dishwasher door, rugs, cords and a host of other reasons. Electronic Caregiver helps people age in place safely. Please share this story, refer and advocate for me and my Connected Care business so that we can protect the seniors in our community! Much better to have someone attending to a victim in minutes! Here’s your referral-building message to share by email, in person and on social media!

Breaking: Elderly woman falls and can’t call for help; USPS mail carrier saves her life

With no way to call for help, an 89-year-old Chicago woman was left lying on the floor of her home for several days after taking a fall. And it may have been several more days if it weren’t for her USPS mail carrier noticing something was wrong. When the mail carrier saw that the woman hadn’t been picking up her mail, she asked the police to do a wellness check. The police found the elderly woman on the floor, and she was admitted to a hospital the same day.

Had the woman been wearing Electronic Caregiver’s emergency wrist pendant, she would have received help immediately after falling. First, responders and connected family members and caregivers would have been notified right away. Please be my eyes and ears and help me spread the word about Electronic Caregiver’s life-saving technology. Let’s help seniors in our community feel empowered to live independently with confidence and peace of mind.


You can email me at carrie@southernarizonahomecare.com or call me at 520-261-8716 to discuss how Electronic Caregiver can help keep you safe at home.

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